About NiftyButtons

Hi there. NiftyButtons is a personal project created by me: Chris Bolton. It all started back in 2010, I was doing phone support for a web hosting company. While talking on the phone with a customer who wanted to add social media buttons to his website, it occured to me that there wasn't a simple way for non-coders to embed social media buttons. This was a common issue in our customer service department. So I set to learning how to code PHP and a few months later, I created NiftyButtons.com. Niftybuttons helps website owners choose buttons they like and get the code they need without all the hassel. Since Niftybuttons launched, thousands of people around the world have used NiftyButtons to create social media buttons for their websites. Pretty cool, right? Niftybuttons is an ongoing side-project for me (No, it doesn't come close to paying the rent). I'm always interested in hearing from people who use NiftyButtons. Let me know if you have suggestions for improvement.

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