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Stuck? Creating a social media share button on NiftyButtons involves a few straightforward steps. Note, this share button is coded to grab the URL of whatever page it is placed on so it is easy for your users to share. It’s also completely independent of and does not rely on our website to work.

How to Create and Add Your Social Share Button to Your Website

1. Select Your Social Share Button Options:

Under “Select Share Options,”, check the platforms on which you’d like the share button to work. Options include Copy Page URL, Email, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter X, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Telegram.

2. Select Share Button Color Options:

Choose your preferred button color and button text color under the “Select Color Options” section.

3. Style Your Popup Content:

Customize the color of the social icon and text in the popup that appears when someone clicks the share button.

5. Click Preview to See Your Popup

When you click the “share” button in the preview area you will see the popup with the selections you’ve made. This step is optional but helps to visualize the button before generating the code.

6. Generate Your Code:

Click on the “Generate your code” button. This will produce the HTML code required to add the share button to your website.

7. Copy and Paste the Code:

Click on the “Copy Code” button to copy the generated code to your clipboard. Paste this code into your website where you want the social media share button to appear. If you paste the code into an element that exists on most (or all) of your web pages, you will have a share button on every page.

8. Support NiftyButtons (Optional):

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